Student Services & Support

Our student services department is devoted to simplifying the college admissions process for your family. Our Student Services Consultants use cutting-edge technology to help students maximize their potential and guide them to a school and major that will motivate them for future success.

A Professional Education Services Consultant For Your Student

Students will have someone in their corner who believes in them, to encourage them, to support them, and help maximize their potential. Our Professional Education Services consultants will simplify the college admissions process, guiding your student every step of the way, freeing up time to focus on what is important to them.

A Thorough and Complete Student Profile

Using our proven and reliable assessment process, we will uncover your student's values, interests, and innate abilities they may not even realize they have. This assessment will help your student know in which areas of study they will naturally excel and which career possibilities may be a good fit for them. Together with your Professional Education Services consultant, your student will create an exhaustive list of schools that will fit your student's profile.

College Research and Counseling

Our technology platform makes it easy to get information on more than 4,000 colleges to find the one that is right for you. Timely articles and organizational tools also guide you through college visits and applications. We then provide you with a financial aid history of each chosen college.

College Search and Visits Training

We'll teach your student how to become a more attractive candidate for college admissions and provide guidance on how he or she should prepare for their college visits. Your student will learn the three most important things they should do the minute they get home from a college visit. We help your students identify safety schools, target schools, and reach schools.

Career Interest Profile

Using your student's personality profile, our cutting-edge software will give your student career options to naturally excel. Having a career goal to work towards will motivate your student to finish his or her degree on time and with a greater sense of pride.

Adding Dimension To Your College Applications

Our proven strategies will help your student receive winning letters of recommendation and learn how to get their college application to stand out from the crowd. We will also review their college application to make sure no details are missed or overlooked. They will also learn "insider secrets" for maximizing merit-based aid from different schools.

SAT/ACT Preparation Classes

Your student will receive a customized program that pinpoints his or her test-taking needs and focuses on improving them. This incredible program helps students study more efficiently, saving time to focus on areas in which they need improvement, not the areas in which they already excel.

Resumes and Letters of Recommendations

Our proven strategies will help your student receive winning letters of recommendation. We will help your student select the correct people for their letters of recommendation, depending on what type of college your student hopes to attend.

How to "ACE" the College Interview Class

We will train your students to succeed at one of the most challenging parts of the college admissions process: the student interview! This knowledge will help them to prepare for and be comfortable in the college interview. Many of these same skills will later help them in front of their new employer.

Comprehensive Essay Class and Editing Service

Your student will have access to some of the nation's premier essay editors, helping the essay to stand out from the crowd. We will have brainstorming sessions to help your student choose the topic that best helps his or her chances for admission. Your student will have the peace of mind knowing we will proofread their essays for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and other common errors.